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Lightweight tool for managing your projects

Create projects for personal or business purposes. Ask questions and discuss project details. Set tasks and track their completion.


Quipy is perfect for managing small projects with a distributed team. It is a simple and intuitive tool that does not require you to adhere to any methodology. Any large project can be implemented as a set of individual projects (or so-called epics) in Quipy.

Dive into the project by asking questions
Share your expertise by answering colleagues' questions in the question chat. Create a unified knowledge source about the project in the form of questions and their discussions. Mark questions that no longer require discussion as "resolved." Each "resolved" question is a step toward project implementation.
Use kanban boards
Create any number of columns with statuses and move task cards between them.
Set tasks for yourself and your team
Tasks are specific steps that you or your colleagues take on the path to project implementation. Create tasks, assign performers, and track their completion.
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